Have You Pruned Anything Lately?

by Martha on July 9, 2011

Don’t you just love warm weather and summer time?  The grass is growing, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are a gorgeous lush green.

All the beautiful blooms and growth just happen on their own, right?

Not quite!

It takes decent soil, water, and sunlight for plants to start their beautiful arrival in the spring and continue on through summer.

How about us?  Do we just sit around and become vibrant, soulful people without any help?

Not quite!

The fact is, our lives are growing all the time. But the  blooming and flourishing part?  Not always.

Just like the good soil, water, and  sunshine make the foliage a beauty to behold, so too do we have to have certain elements in our lives to help us grow.

Just like plants, we require water and sunshine.  A strong root system (our core beliefs) helps too.

What else makes a great growth?

The pruning!

In order for trees, bushes, and flowers to grow thicker and fuller, the pruning does have to be done.  The cutting off of the dead branches and leaves helps make room for more growth.

Do you want to see growth in your own life?  Then you are going to have to take inventory and do some pruning!

If you’ve let anger or resentment take root, that branch needs to be cut off.  If you have people in your group of influencers who are holding you back instead of encouraging you forward, they need to go.


Yep, that pruning can hurt.  It may sound harsh but chopping off those relationships may be the only way for you to grow.

You see, just like a plant with a disease, the dying branches can be pruned away and the plant will thrive.  So too will people who have the support of positive people in their lives.  If you have a too many negative friends in your circle, I hate to tell you this but to grow in a healthy manner, you need to prune them out!

Here’s why . . . .

They are like a contagious disease.  Instead of YOU being able to inspire and motivate THEM, it seems THEY tend to bring US into their negativity.  So, don’t hesitate to get rid of the gossips, the naysayers, and the downright negative nellies.  They don’t belong on the branches of your growing self.  YOU are the most beautiful creature, unique in your own way with your own gifts and talents.  Blossom and become who you were meant to be.

One. Great.Human.Being.



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