Accidentally On Purpose

by Martha on November 16, 2010

Have you ever “accidentally” called someone on your cell phone simply because the phone hit something in your pocket or purse and triggered a ring to another person?  (People whose names start with the letter “A” are particularly susceptible to being on the receiving end of this phenom)

This happened to me a couple of mornings ago.  My cousin Art, who lives miles away from me in Baton Rouge, accidentally hit my number while in route to a first birthday party for one of his grand-daughters.  Technology has created lots of “accidents” but are they really?

Accidentally on purpose.

Since we were on the phone, we visited for a short while, first talking about SEC football (yes, we do have our priorities straight), then onto how we were all “gettin’ along” to a wonderful trip down memory lane.  If you could have eavesdropped, you would have heard us spend a little time reminiscing about our shared heritage of grandparents and parents and agreeing their legacies and influence were evident in our lives today.  By the time we hung up, we were both saying the all important “we love you” and were a little misty eyed.

What you would not have heard was the unspoken, unforgettable memories that we both shared.  None of that was said of course, but it was there just the same.

The flow of the familiar.

The conversation was light, but the kindred spirits were at work.  Vivid memories began to surface.

This was the same guy who pulled my ponytail when I was little, sat across from me at the “kid’s table” at holiday dinners, taught me card tricks and how to water ski,  pulled plenty of shenanigans on me, drove eight hours to attend my high school graduation, let me visit him in college, came to my wedding and thought my husband was a great as I did, agreed that my kids were fantastic, and carried my Daddy to his final resting place.

None of that was said of course.  But it was all there.   That’s what made the “accident” feel like no mistake at all.  It was just time to do a little catching up.

When I hung up, I felt a warm surge of energy that can only be described as love.  I started my day with that wonderful feeling and validation of WHO I AM.

Do you believe in “accidents?”

I’m not so sure I do!



p.s.  If you have someone who has meant something to you over the years and you haven’t accidentally called them lately, I urge you to do it now.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Emily November 16, 2010 at 3:25 pm

Love the post and love you! Thanks for sharing!

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