The Power of Praise

by Martha on October 11, 2010

When was the last time you heard a word of praise? Remember how it made you feel?  How you stood a little taller and maybe walked a little straighter?

Praise for a job well done will go a long way.  Have you ever watched a child after he or she has been praised?   They want to do the thing again. Because they want more praise!  It makes a person feel good. Uplifts their spirit and interjects positive reinforcement into their minds!

Did you know praise had that kind of power?

Well, it does.  There are examples out the wazoo of people’s very lives being changed just because a person in authority gave them a word of  praise.  Recognized who they were and what they could do!  A parent, teacher, or coach made them feel they could accomplish anything just with a few words of praise.

My story. . . .

In my own life, I have been very fortunate to have a constant stream of praisers (is that a word?) come my way.  My parents, grandparents, several special teachers and especially my piano teacher, Mrs. Meeks.  I saw her once a week during my formative years and she was always telling me how great I was!  Seriously, she was somewhat flamboyant and could make me believe anything!  Her constant praise was a weekly motivator that I will always cherish.

Do you think I enjoyed those lessons?  Do you think I always wanted to show up the next week totally prepared and ready to go?  Of course!  That’s one impact of praise. The other is that you carry it with you for a really long time.

The impact doesn’t fade.

Chances are, you can remember someone who gave you a good dose of praise sometime along the way.  That’s because that feeling stays with you.  It doesn’t diminish with time.  How awesome is that?

Let’s all look for someone to praise today.  Let a person know that their efforts didn’t go unnoticed.  My guess is that you will run into many people today that you can hand out a little praise to.  How about the person at the cleaners? The bank teller?  The server at the restaurant?  Tell them what a fantastic job they are doing and how much you appreciate them.

One dose of praise will go a long way!

One more word.  If you are especially blessed with an opportunity to praise a child today, reach out and do it.  Your praise could make a long lasting difference in the their life and consequently in the world.  Now, think about that.



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