Relationship Motivation

by Martha on September 25, 2010

Anybody need some relationship motivation?

You know it’s not always easy.  Relationships can be so complicated.

Here’s the key!

Try being genuinely interested in the other person. Ask about their day, their dreams, etc.  Guess what?  People like to talk about themselves.  They like to feel good about themselves.

Just by taking an active interest, in a non-judging way of course, you can move any relationship forward.  Make it about them!

Listen up!

So many times relationships falter because one person is not listening.  Everyone wants to be heard. To know that what they say and care about matters.  Just simply being in the moment and lending an ear can be all that’s needed to keep the relationship motivated.

I know.  It’s complicated.

Think of it like this:  When you began the relationship, whether it is a friendship, a co-worker, family member, spouse, or significant other, you enjoyed that person’s company.  You wanted a deeper connection.

Keep that in mind!

Remember the importance of the other person, encourage them along the way and be supportive in their endeavors.  It’s pretty simple really.  Let them take front and center stage and celebrate what it was that attracted you in the first place!

Be grateful for the relationship.  Be grateful for the positives that the other person brings to your life.  Be grateful for the opportunity to cultivate and nuture a great relationship.  Be thankful for the good energy that person brings to the table.

Relationship motivation?

You got it!



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